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Helping people to get better returns on their investments. Find out more in our Corporate Brochure.

Our Vision

To make investing in property available to everybody

Our Values

Customers are at the heart of everything that we do. We are fair, transparent and want to continue to improve our service, providing a higher level of trust to our customers

Commitment to customers


Take risk seriously


Diversity and innovation

Constant Improvement

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The Sourced Model

Sourced is a complete and essential resource for anyone looking to succeed at investing in property.

The success of Sourced is based on its network of over 50 offices across the UK who fuel the Sourced Capital platform with hand-picked investment opportunities, joint venture schemes and peer 2 peer investments meeting the demands of property investors around the globe.

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History of Sourced

As investors in property the Directors of Sourced know first-hand how hard it is to find good quality investment properties, how expensive training is and how time consuming the whole process can be.

Many investors we deal with don’t have the knowledge or time to find the right property deals. That’s why we created the Sourced online platform.

The innovative platform was developed to take investors through the property industry journey helping them to learn, and invest in property.

As the largest network of fully compliant specialist property sourcing experts, boasting more than 50 offices throughout the UK, we’re providing a faster, simpler and more trusted way to invest in property.

Our mission is to become the ultimate brand name for investment services, packaging investment opportunities, developing and converting projects in partnership with investors across the world.

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The Team

Stephen Moss

Managing Director

Chris Kirkwood

Development Director

David Rees

Non-Exec Director

Joanne McCormack

Sales Director

Richard Bartley

Construction Director

Paul Houghton

Platform Manager

Emma Riley

Marketing Manager

Helen Moss

Franchise Manager

Sam Clayton - Franchise Manager

Sam Clayton

Franchise Manager

Monika Romanik - Marketing Executive

Monika Romanik

Marketing Executive

Emma Shaw

Franchise Support

Holli Rice-White

Office Administrator

John Wilson

Relationship Director

Cathy Meza

Relationship Director

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