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When deciding to invest into property, choosing the right location is a good place to start, and the type of property investment strategy that Sourced Capital’s Borrowers choose to embark upon, is often very much location dependent.

Some Sourced Capital investors aren’t too concerned where a project is located, their priority might be the type of strategy or returns they will achieve. While other investors focus on the location and prefer to invest in projects closer to home, so that they can go on site and see the updates for themselves.

Sourced Capital have projects all around the UK, as its Network now includes over 150 property specialists, who are experts in their local areas. Having the knowledge of the local area means that Sourced Borrowers are knowledgeable on the specific location and local market.

Each developer or borrower will have different aims and interests when either building their portfolio or flipping properties, whether it be for capital appreciation or achieving maximum yield. We’ve taken a look at some recent projects in different pockets of the UK and seeing why each strategy works in that area.


Scotland and the North of England offers the most affordable properties.

Northern England and Scotland reign as the UK’s investment property hotspots, according to a report released by Zoopla.

The north offers plenty to investors looking for a well-rounded property investment – one that can provide good rental yields and the potential for capital growth. Despite a continuing growth in house prices, northern cities still remain largely affordable, which is the key balance in today’s property investment market.

Scotland’s economy is expected to continue to rise strongly over the next five years, as well as a continued rising population. Fuelled by a reputation for quality of life, excellent transport links and a job market that is stable. There is amazing potential for property investment in Scotland, entry costs for investors are viable with prospects of high returns and strong capital growth.

Past Sourced Project in Scotland – McCrorie Place, Kilbarchan

Conversion Project in Kilbarchan

The McCrorie Place project launched in September 2019. The borrower, Phil Gordon, borrowed £182,000 for the conversion of a 4-bedroom detached house, spread over 2 floors. The property was flipped after being renovated. Sourced Capital has repaid the loan plus interest, a total of £202,566, to investors.

Phil is an experienced property investor and joined the Sourced Network back in 2018 and became the director of Sourced Glasgow Central.

At the time, the location saw strong capital growth with a healthy valuation on four bed properties within the area. Because of this, there was a demand for properties of this type in the location, which provided confidence with the open market exit. The strategy for this project was to flip the property. The water damage was repaired and there was a refurbishment throughout.  The target market were families from the surrounding areas, either looking to upsize or relocate from one of the surrounding towns to the highly sought after, village of Kilbarchan.

Phil says “This property is a short distance from Glasgow and close to transport links. It was a repossession property which needed a light refurb. Once the works were complete, I put the property on the market, there was high demand for homes like this in the area and the property sold really quickly. A successful project all round”.

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The North West is one of the UK’s biggest regions – with some of its biggest towns and cities including Manchester and Liverpool. What you might not know, however, is that it also has some of England’s cheapest investment properties. Birkenhead, Middlesbrough and Kingston-Upon-Hull were named amongst some of the more affordable towns in the UK, and all three towns saw more than 90% of all properties currently listed for sale as below the average UK house price of £256,405. The North East is one of the best places to invest in property with its array of low property prices, high rental yields and good probability of rising property prices in the future.

Past Sourced Project in the North-East of the UK – Columbus Ravine, Scarborough

Conversion Project in Columbus Ravine

Borrower of the Columbus Ravine project, Sarah Corrie-Pierce, was looking to raise £244,474 for the purchase and works of this guest house, converting it into 3 new 2-bed apartments. The project is now finished with a buyer secure, waiting for the sale to complete.

Sarah joined is the director of Sourced Scarborough, previous to property, Sarah was a teacher, but since swapping the classroom for the building site, Sarah has put her passion for property and people at the forefront of her first major development.

Sarah chose this location for the new apartments for many reasons, one being because Scarborough is the third most visited place in the UK and that the location is great for the target market of first-time buyers and serviced accommodation owners.

Watch the Borrower, Sarah, share the ins and outs of this project from a video shot in January. Click here to watch the video.

Sarah was also involved with the 41 High Street, Hull project, raised by Sourced Capital. This project was a historic building which was previously used as an office and has been converted into 8 apartments with an overall GDV of £1,570,000.

Hull has some of the UK’s best international connections due to its location near several major airports. The property is located within a 10-minute walk to the Hull main train station and a 5-minute walk to Hull marina, a popular visitor location.

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The South is more than just London.

With over 50 Sourced offices in the South alone, it is the biggest region of the UK with the biggest population. The south-east is one of Europe’s fastest-growing and most prosperous areas with the second-largest regional economy in the UK. The South-East also benefits from huge rental demand especially because of high south-east property prices.

The South-West is also a good area for investing, according to Warren Lewis at the Property Reporter, rent rises in the South-West of England were faster than anywhere else in England and Wales. Another report from Which? says that while London remains subdued, buy-to-let in the South-West is booming. The report says that while the North-East is good for yields, the South-West could be a better all-round investment for property investors.

Property prices in South-West England are slightly above the national average. According to HM Land Registry statistics, the average house in the south-west currently costs £258,372, just above the national average of around £256,405. However, there is still affordable investment property available in the south-west for investors who do their homework.

Project in the South-West of the UK – Wellsway, Bath

Property Project Bath

Borrower of the Wellsway project Catherine Lamond, was looking for a raise of £433,500 for the purchase and refurbishment of an end of terrace house, which was then split into 4 flats.

Catherine Lamond, director of Sourced Bitterne, has been in property for over 10 years. She studied surveying and has gone on to become a RICS planning and development surveyor. She has undertaken refurbishments and extensions and also has experience in conversions and new builds.

The apartments of the Wellsway project are in a perfect location to be used as student apartments, due to Bath being a major student city, with around 22,000 students. Bath is one of the country’s main tourist cities. It is not all about tourism though, other industries in the area include those which offer well-paid jobs, which is great news for the local property market. Bath benefits from excellent train services to other parts of the country and is a popular place to live with those who commute to Bristol and even to London.

The property itself required a light refurbishment and a title split, to then sell as individual flats. Listed for investment in November with a return for investors of up to 12%, proved popular with investors and was funded quickly. The project was completed in April 2021, repaying £472,515 to investors.

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One of the biggest reasons for investing in South-East buy-to-lets is its proximity to London… without actually paying London prices. Historically, as prices have risen in London they’ve rippled out to other towns and cities of the south-east, offering good profits for investors. The South-East is one of Europe’s fastest-growing and most prosperous areas with the second-largest regional economy in the UK. Many South-East towns and cities have successful economies of their own and many internationally-significant businesses offering highly paid jobs that support the housing market.

Project in South-East of the UK – Dury Falls, Hornchurch

Project Hornchurch

This project was listed for investment in August 2020 with a return for investors of up to 12% pa.  The borrower of this project, Everton Brown, is an experienced property investor who requested a loan of £367,500 for the purchase of the land, demolition of the garage and the build of a 3-bedroom detached house.

The works on this project were completed in April 2021 and the property has been sold, pending exchange of contracts.

Hornchurch is a suburban town in East London, England and part of the London Borough of Havering. It’s popular with families for its affordable thirties semis and large executive homes. Discovering the plot of land for sale, Everton saw a great opportunity to build the modern 3-bedroom family home. Hornchurch has plenty to offer, with its high street lined with Victorian shops and its town centre full of eateries and bars.

Everton has been a landlord since 2006 and joined the Sourced Network back in 2018 when he became the director of Sourced Barnet. Since then, Everton has grown his BTL portfolio, carrying out refurbishments on all of his properties and maintained a rental income.

Watch the Borrower, Everton Brown, walk through the recently built family home, showing off all the finishing touches. Click here to watch the video.


Sourced Capital’s borrowers are part of the Sourced Network, which now consists of more than 150 property sourcers who are all experts in their local area. They operate in set areas, allowing them to have excellent knowledge of the local market and investment strategies that work for that area.

Read more about locations and investing in our previous blog – and to see where our borrowers are located see the map below.

If you have any questions or queries about how you can become a virtual property developer, contact our investment team who will be happy to help!


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