Sourced Capital at the P2P Investing Summit

Stephen Moss, Managing Director of Sourced Capital joined the P2P Investing Summit at the end of last month, which brought together experts from the world of peer-to-peer lending and the wider investment space.

Investors and financial advisors were amongst those who tuned in to watch the virtual event, which was hosted by Peer2Peer Finance News and AngelNews.

There were a number of discussions, including:

–  Unpicking the myths around P2P lending

– Risk-profiling P2P investments so to ensure clients get the right opportunities

– The new opportunities in property-backed P2P investing

Unpicking P2P myths

Stephen discussed the myths around P2P lending alongside Rishi Zaveri, Chief Executive of Lendwise and Jeffery Mushens, Policy Director at The Investing and Saving Alliance (TISA).

The Myth that Stephen debunked was about P2P being one product. “There are lots of different types of P2P products and sectors in the industry, but people just see P2P as one product, one solution, but ultimately it’s not, it’s broken down into different sectors, structures and platforms with lots of different exciting things.”

“That’s one of the frustrations what I find quite often when you speak to people about P2P, that it’s just this one whole sector and everyone does this same type of thing, so it’s educating people there are lots of different ways to look at P2P.”

Jeffrey’s myth about the sector is that P2P isn’t for everyday investors.

“At its roots P2P is about enabling ordinary folk to diversify their lending and have a diverse range of borrowers to lend to, I think P2P democratises savings and gives ordinary folks access to it. I hate the idea that good investment opportunities are only for the rich.”

Another misconception about P2P is that it is not regulated, and this was Rishi’s point.

“Platforms will tell you the opposite, we have been regulated by the FCA, we spent nine months getting the authorisation. P2P is a regulated, sensible, viable product that should form part of an overall portfolio.”

If you missed the summit, Peer2Peer Finance News has created a P2P Investing Summit special report, which comprises valuable information about the sector, check it out here –

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Project Complete: Wellhouse Lane, Sheffield

The Wellhouse Lane project launched in February 2020. The borrowers of the project were looking for a raise of £297,500. The plan was to sell the property within a 12-month period, generating an estimated profit margin of 21%.

Situated just a short walk from the local town centre on a quiet road in Penistone, the plot of land was purchased with a view to build a 4-bed detached house. Penistone had seen strong growth over the previous 5 years in housing prices, boasting a 21% increase in house prices during this period.

Once Sourced Capital put this project through its rigorous due diligence process, it was accepted to raise the funds on the platform. Listed in February for investment, with a return for investors of 9% with a 2% bonus on investments of £20,000, the project was funded in just 5 minutes.

After months of hard work, Sourced Capital is pleased to announce that all investments into the McCrorie Place project have now been repaid in full, along with an average interest of 11% per annum.

Sourced Capital has repaid £317,581.25 to investors*, after a total of £297,500 was raised, a healthy return for investors in such a short period of time.

Peter Firth, an investor of the Wellhouse Lane project, spoke with Sourced Capital to talk about his experience investing with our platform. You can watch the video interview below.

Stephen Moss, Managing Director of Sourced Capital said: “It’s great to match our investors with great projects. The borrowers are a part of the Sourced Network, meaning that they have gone through rigorous training and have ongoing support from the Sourced HQ team who are property experts, providing an extra layer of security for investors. Despite COVID-19, there is a high demand for projects like Jamie’s as they are of good quality.”

Future Projects

Sourced Capital currently has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline currently and these will soon be available for funding through our platform. All you need to do is follow the link and register your account. You can get set up in less than 5 minutes and you will then automatically be added to our mailing list so you can keep up to date with upcoming projects.

Alternatively, if you’d like to read more success stories from investors, you can take a look at the Sourced Capital blog for updates.

*Capital at risk. No FSCS protection. investment is only suitable for sophisticated and high net worth investors. Past returns are not a guide to future returns.