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Sourced Capital was born from the wider Sourced Group, to provide investors and borrowers with a better solution. We have created a simple, tax-efficient, and affordable way to invest in bricks and mortar. Combining years of property expertise with data and technology to create diversified, ISA, and pension eligible, property-backed investments for investors.

Sourced Capital are different to other peer to peer lenders. We don’t lend to any developer. To get funding from Sourced Capital you must be a part of the Sourced Network. When joining the Sourced Network there are compulsory rigorous training courses that the borrower must attend. All borrowers also have ongoing support and training from the experienced Sourced HQ team.

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Our Process

We’ve created the perfect P2P lending platform which is constantly updated with exciting projects that you can invest in.

There are a number of reasons why you should invest with Sourced Capital. To start, our average investment term is just 12 months and better yet, our minimum investment amount is just £250. You can invest using your savings, your ISA, or your pension, whichever suits you best.

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At Sourced Capital, we don’t charge investors fees, not now, not ever.

In addition, we take risk very seriously, that’s why, we only lend to our 100+ offices, all of which are trained and supported. Each project on our platform has to pass a strict due diligence process to ensure that risk is kept to a minimum.

Stephen Moss Managing Director Sourced

“Sourced have experienced incredible growth over the past two years, whilst consistently
maintaining high standards and delivering healthy returns to investors.

Our simple and straightforward platform allows investors to be diverse, invest with confidence
and peace of mind knowing that the investment is fully secured against UK property.”

Stephen Moss, Sourced Capital Director

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